Brand Story

Ámanda is a global brand that caters towards fashion-conscious women looking for elegant and sophisticated clothing. By reinventing the modern woman's look with unique silhouettes and interesting textiles, we aim to fulfil the need for versatile high-quality apparel, perfect for any occasion.

Ámanda isn't just a brand.
It's an attitude.


Our made-to-measure wardrobe of vogue clothing, footwear and accessories can effortlessly take the modern gentlewoman from day to night. With impeccable quality control of designs, every experience with Ámanda is sure to stand out.

Since our inception in 2013 as an apparel aficionado, Ámanda aim is building our own cult-following for our unique aesthetic through our inspired use of arresting prints, premium fabrics and bold silhouettes. With a team of young, creative, dynamic and dedicated professionals, we have established our brand as an iconic favourite among empowered women, transforming tasteful elegance and indulgence into an everyday ideal.