Recycle with us


The future requires us to be more responsible in our practices. With a variety of different services we have to offer, we bring to you a new approach towards fashion. Join us in this initiative as we take a new step in curating fashion, go the green way by choosing our recycling services instead.


What is our recycle service? Our new initiative, emerged from the thought of how many purchases we make in a year ends up as waste, stemming from a minor detail we might not like about it.


This service offers our customers, a chance to help revive their garment by making changes in designs and adjustments in fit by manipulating and smartly utilising the elements already present within the garment. This way you get a new garment, without actually buying one.

We make it easier for you by offering consultation sessions, which involve design thinking and brainstorming on how to revive the garment details in a way that best fit and suit you. So bring us your less worn garments, so we can help them become your most loved.


Happy Recycling!



Activity: Schedule a day every few months to go through your wardrobe. You will start noticing garments that you have stopped wearing over time, instead of discarding these items think about what you can change in them, so as to utilise it instead let it become a waste. This is better for the environment as well as for you.